Susan Wieser

Director of F&B Operations
Sage Restaurant Concepts

Susan Wieser

Susan Wieser is the director of operations for Sage Restaurant Concepts’ portfolio of nearly 50 restaurant, bar and coffeeshop concepts nationwide. Affectionately known as the team’s secret weapon and “Swiss Army knife,” Susan has a reputation for skillfully executing any role in the restaurant business, from budgeting, forecasting and developing sales strategy to staff training, expediting on the line and cooking banquets.

In her time with SRC, Susan has helped manage opening operations, training and critical path for numerous locations, including acting as the opening General Manager for Urban Farmer Denver, the 3rd location of the group’s flagship steakhouse. Susan brings a strong, inspiring leadership style to her teams, as evidenced by turnover rates: in her 3 years as GM of Urban Farmer, she was able to retain 85% of the original opening staff. In her role as director of operations, Susan has overseen the transition and opening of 6 concepts with a minimum of $2M in year-one revenues, supported all facets of development and revenue generation for 26 properties with annual revenues of over $160M+ and worked closely with shared services teams to ensure operational excellence.

Prior to joining SRC, Susan was the Director of Operations for The Pig & The Sprout in Denver, CO where she was responsible for overseeing all day-to-day operations in addition to overseeing the development of the opening business plan and budget for two restaurants totaling over $5M in gross sales.

Over the course of her 15 year career in the industry, Susan has focused on learning and growing while building tenure in her roles, exploring all facets of the restaurant business from finance and bookkeeping to graphic design in order to holistically support her operations. Her resourcefulness shines through from networking and staffing to general problem solving.

Susan holds a bachelor’s of arts degree in Psychology from Michigan State University. In her free time, she enjoys cooking for her friends and family, baking, paddle boarding and traveling.

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