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Portland, Oregon

Hailed as the revitalization that changed Portland’s hotel scene forever, the Nines, a Luxury Collection hotel opened on the ninth floor of the former Meier and Frank Building in 2008 with two Sage Restaurant Concept flagships.


To the Nines…

As the former department store building was being renovated, the team knew that homage
should be paid to this anchor in Portland’s Pearl District, as luck would have it, the guest rooms of this hotel begin on the ninth floor. As fashion dictates it was only right that the brand of the hotel “dressed to the nines”. The large atrium opened to sunlight and called for Sage Restaurant Concept’s first Urban Farmer and the flexibility of the rooftop allowed for a custom buildout of Departure’s airport-like architecture.

The Nines pushes every boundary, from keeping it green, incredible style and homage to the history of Portland.

Travel + Leisure
Game Changer

Defining modern luxury

In 2008 it was daring to open a hotel in general, Portland was on the verge of its culture boom and hotels and restaurants were just beginning to have the rebellious conversations that have defined the city’s experience to date. The Nines, along with true farm-to-table Urban Farmer and elevated Departure, opened unabashedly with luxury and national acclaim, putting Portland on the map when it comes to experiential hospitality.

Like a jewel box…

The Nines sophisticated tie to fashion inspired rooms to feel like a jewel box, which has become its iconic signature.


A Departure from the standard restaurant

Farm table wasn’t a thing and Portland didn’t know just how weird it could really get. When Sage Restaurant Concepts set out to open not one, but two unique restaurant concepts along with the Nines, the possibilities of these concepts reached literal new heights.


The rooftop deck of Departure Portland

Departure Portland’s rooftop space was designed to simulate some kind of travel, a departure from traditional dining. Departure’s ambitious menu captivates diners with its masterful remix of authentic Pan-Asian and coastal cuisines.

Urban Farmer’s country chic décor was thoughtfully placed in the public space of the Meier & Frank atrium and designed by David Ashen. From the beginning the menu has reflected an emphasis on Northwest, sustainable ingredients and simple, straightforward preparations.

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Making a mark in Portland

Sage considers Portland a home away from home. Since the opening of the Nines, Urban Farmer and Departure, Sage Hospitality Group became quickly known for setting the standard for uniquely branded and experiential hotels and restaurants. So many have followed, defining Portland’s attitude toward independence and creativity. To this day, locals covet the revitalized building as the place-to-be as the brands explore new ways to express themselves.


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